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Water Budget Rates

How are my rates determined? Your water budget rates are determined from basically two components: indoor water use, based on the number of occupants at your residence, and outdoor water use, based on the size of your landscape. Efficient levels of use have been established for each component and are what make up tiers one and two of your water bill. For specific information on how your budget is calculated, click here.

Water-wise Seminars and Events

Periodically Western hosts and presents water-wise seminars and events. See our current calendar of events.
Numerous events are held in the region at:

So Cal Yard Transformation Guide

Western’s new handbook, “SoCal Yard Transformation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get the Yard You Want,” is now available. The book helps homeowners achieve their full-water saving potential.

2019 Water Use Efficiency Plan

Western recently updated its Water Use Efficiency Master Plan in order to help customers transform their traditional yards into beautiful, resilient landscapes. The plan focuses on empowering customers through new programs, technology, and education to provide the tools needed to create a landscape that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.


Irrigation Guidelines

Stop watering your landscape every day! Even a conventional lawn does not need watering every day except in extreme heat. Follow these guidelines to schedule your irrigation for more efficient water use. Up to 30% water savings can be achieved simply by inspecting, repairing, and properly scheduling your irrigation system. It pays to turn your valves on when you can observe them and inspect the system.

California Native Plant Landscaping

Landscaping with native plants will help you save water, and save our ecosystem, one planter at a time. 

Check out the following videos:

40 short episodes on why using native plants is important, and how to use them. 
23 short episodes specific to our Riverside area.

Drought in the Landscape

Trees are the most important component in a landscape. Learn how to protect them during drought.

What should you do differently to your landscape during a drought?

Helpful Landscape Links

Inside the Home or Business

Home Water Works Logo.jpg This website was created to give consumers the best and most relevant information about conserving water at home. It offers tips and information about every major water-using fixture and appliance found in homes today. It features an advanced household water calculator. See how your home fares!

Western is providing a link to the Home Water Works website of the Alliance for Water Efficiency. Western does not operate the Home Water Works website and cannot assure the accuracy of the information nor guarantee that any recommendations will result in the desired conservation for meeting any Western water budget rates or other requirements.As a condition to using said website, Western customers agree to release Western from liability for any claims or damages of any kind that may arise from usage of the Home Water Works website.


Want a toilet that you don't have to flush twice to get things moving? Check out these toilet test results. The more grams per flush, the better.

EPA WaterSense

Save water and protect the environment by choosing WaterSense labeled products in your home and business and taking simple steps to save water each day. Learn more about WaterSense and what you can do to help make every drop count.